Monday, 29 October 2012

OOTD: Riding boots

Remember I said on my previous post that I had misfortunes in Vancouver. Well this was one of those! You can probably tell from the photos that I look haggard and tired, it's because I really was.

Day 2- Victoria, B.C.

In the morning of Friday we received a good news though, our passports were ready to pick up and so we went. In Vancouver it's a pain in the butt to drive because of the traffic and parking fees are really costly. So we've decided to commute for the rest of our stay. Going to the loomis express where we got our passports took us an hour and another hour back to the bus stop where we took the next bus going to the ferry terminal. In order for us to get to Victoria which by the way is an island, is by ferry.

We were really excited because we heard a lot of nice tourist spots in Victoria so we've decided to check what they have to offer. We took the 2:00 pm ferry and we got there at 3:30 pm. We really had no idea how to get to downtown Victoria so we took a cab. Little did we know that it's an hour drive to get there so we ended up paying $70! We arrived at our destination which is the Craigdarroch Castle and guess what??? They closes at 4:30 pm! What a bum! After learning that they were closed we've decided that we are done! We did not have the energy to check the other places because I bet you they are all closed too so we went back to mainland Vancouver very upset and disappointed.

We've learned a lot of lessons here. Next time we visit a place we have to plan our travel effectively and efficiently which I normally do but this time I really don't know what happened. I guess it was really not my day.

Knitted top (old)- Gap
Vest (old)- Suzy
Black pants- Urban behavior
Riding boots- Payless

Have a good one ladies!

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